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Whether you are an expatriate / expat, HR officer or relocation consultant, you are seeking to rent the perfect house or apartment that is either fully furnished or just fitted with curtains and carpets (unfurnished / semi-furnished).

Park Real Estate offers to be a full service "one-stop-shop". Through our extensive network we scan the entire housing market for you which includes properties offered by other parties. We would then love to take you out on a day of viewings with us. We schedule the appointments, drive you around and answer any question you might have. When we have found the right property for you we will be happy to take care of the entire rental procedure on your behalf. We have extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Amsterdam and very good partnerships with many other real estate brokers. This housing service is what we do best and our priority is to make you feel right at home in Amsterdam.

Every tenant / expat / client has his or her own special wishes. These do not only relate to the perfect apartment/house, but also the most suitable living environment. Would you prefer a quiet neighbourhood or do you enjoy a more active urban lifestyle? Do you make use of public transportation or do you travel by car? Do you prefer to eat out or is it important that you can find supermarket and grocery-stores on walking distance? Park Real Estate will be happy to advise and assist you. Backed by our many years of experience we will continue to search for exactly the home you are looking for, based on your wishes and circumstances. With only one goal: offering you a house / apartment that can truly become your new home.

Once you have made a choice we will take care of all negotiations with the landlord or other broker on your behalf with a view to achieve a clear and solid rental agreement. It goes without saying that we will be present during the "check-in procedure" and, when you leave the house, with the "check-out procedure".

Park Real Estate will do everything in our power to find you your perfect new home in Amsterdam.

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