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Your house as a new home for someone else. That is exactly what Park Real Estate strives to accomplish when renting your house or apartment out to expatriates or employees of multinationals who are posted to the Netherlands for shorter or longer periods of time.

We understand that you need to be assured that your house or apartment will be rented to reliable tenants under the very best conditions in a professional manner. We also know that selecting a Rental Agent can sometimes feel like a challenge. At Park Real Estate you have come to the right place. We work according to clear guidelines and on a "no cure, no pay" basis.

When you contact us to put your house or apartment up for rent, one of our qualified employees will visit you at the property for an initial interview which is completely free of any obligations. During this visit all of the available options for renting out your property will be discussed. We will advise about the rental price and provide necessary tips regarding possible desirable adjustments to increase the chances of renting out the property. This will make your house or apartment more attractive to the right tenants.

To make sure your property gets enough attention we will publish it on several rental websites. We also inform colleague brokers, relocation companies and HR departments of our offerings and of course show your properties during our housing tours.

If an individual house seeker through one of the websites or the client of another established party is interested in your house, we will organize a viewing. Once a concrete proposal has been made, we will negotiate on your behalf in order to arrive at an attractive rental agreement. Of course, we will consult with you every step of the way. Our rental agreements offer clarity and security.

This way, your house will become a home for someone else and you can be assured of an excellent return!

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